Vincent van Gogh – the complete paintings

The lifework of an artist

See the lifework of Vincent van Gogh and understand the artist like never bevore. This chart presents all his 870 paintings in a completely new way. All paintings are sorted by the official catalogue by Jan Hulsker and they are scaled the same size. You can see the output sorted by years and when he did for example the sunflowers. You can see his changing colours and his favorite size of canvas. Van Gogh painted only ten years.

This completely overview of his lifework makes you understand the art of Vincent van Gogh. It is essential to all his Fans and a great tool for teachers of arts.

Understanding his lifework

If you wand to understand van Gogh, its good to know what he has done. Art historians have all his paintings in their mind, when they look at a singel one. They are able to see connections and developments. This poster gives you the full access to van Goghs lifework. It makes you a little bit an art historian on your own.

All paintings are sorted by the catalogue of Jan Hulsker

The dutch art historian Jan Hulsker sorted all paintings and drawings of van Gogh by date and gave them an unique number. This catalogue is valid till today. And this poster shows all the paintings sorted by this catalogue. So you have a reliable source to the lifework of van Gogh.

All paintings are scaled the same size.

To offer a real overview of the lifework of van Gogh all the paintings are scaled the same size. So you can see the differences between the formats, the sizes and the development through the years.

High-quality-print for extra details

This poster is printed in high quality with FM-grid. You might know FM-grid from your private photo-printer. This grid gives you extra details, so you have thumbnails with the depth of the original ones. You have both, the overview from a distance and the details.

Awards and references

Essential for educational purposes and art lovers. Second Edition, 2018, including the lost painting »Sunset at Montmajour«, recovered in 2013

author Christian Büning
design Christian Büning
format 100 × 70 cm DIN B1
paper Noblesse FSC
print hochwertiger 5-farbiger Offsetdruck
EAN 4260179090011

shipping without frame

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